More Than A Gift - Nerva Altino's Book Release

Nerva Altino has spent many years thinking about the reasons the Altino Brothers (Nerva and Robenson Altino) became a piano duo, since they initially wanted to pursue individual solo careers. When they play the piano they feel free, as it is the one aspect of their lives they're able to control. This has inspired the desire to write down their life story, which will be released in 2020.

The Altino Brothers want to motivate people and inspire children to know that if they pursue their dreams, anything is possible. Nerva felt compelled to share how they came from nothing, and somehow... made something of themselves. They want the next generation to know that if they could do it, then others can certainly do it as well.

Robenson shares as a witness that God can take you through any situation. Nerva has a Facebook page that engages his friends that share his love of music:

The Altino Brothers Facebook Fan Page


Nerva Altino has been writing down their life story from his perspective as the older brother, sharing occasional posts like this:

"Just about to finish reading through the entire draft of my book. Didn't realize writing about my life would give me such great clarity on why I'm here today. It started from me and my brother being poor while living in Haiti as small children... to being bullied in elementary school for being Haitian (here in the US). And then rebelling as a teen in order to retaliate for the earlier years of getting bullied. Then breaking my hand in a street fight... and also getting shot at during another violent confrontation... then finally changing my life during my early twenties after yet, another violent encounter which left an assailant who'd attempted to shoot me and my cousin in a coma (we defended ourselves... Get the book to read that story).

I got back in the church, started serving God (as my parents taught me as a child). Got my masters in music, got married to the girl of my dreams, and made it all the way to the stages of Lincoln Center, and Carnegie Hall. My birthday is next month, and I will celebrate it like I'm turning 100, because one High school teacher told me I would not live past 21. Yeah, man... I am blessed and highly favored.

  • Nerva Altino possesses a big virtuoso technique and a large and focused tone.
    ~ Worcester Telegram and Gazette

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